Born in 1979 in Columbia, Missouri, Farr was raised the middle of three daughters. In 1997, she began her studies at the University of Missouri where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a double Emphasis in Fiber Arts and Photography, and a Minor in Art History. There she worked under the tutelage of esteemed fiber artist, Dr. Jo Stealey, who exposed her to the techniques necessary to develop a strong multi-media studio practice through calculated exploration.

Upon completion of her undergraduate degree in 2001, Farr then immediately continued with post-baccalaureate work at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. Here she was the head of her class, receiving the Outstanding Achievement Award in the spring of 2003. Soon after, she parted ways to begin an internship with an established commercial photographer, which funneled her into the world of fashion photography and Hollywood. Over the next several years she worked both alone and as part of a studio. Eventually, the atmosphere she found herself in began to illuminate the subject that caused her to leave that world behind.

In the fall of 2006, she left Los Angeles on what became a cross-continent adventure, only bringing her right back to LA by May of 2007. However, while residing briefly in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen during part of that winter, the matriculation of her experiences became the genesis of her continual exploration beyond the photographic print. Maintaining a consistent and productive studio practice since that time allowed experimentation that has yielded a body of work acclaimed as both innovative and visually distinct. Farr’s work and processes have already begun to make waves among curators and collectors alike.