2007, 2011

Private Collection

Enhanced Matt Pigment Prints, Cardboard, Bubble Wrap, Chalk Pastel, Marker, Found Objects, Acrylic, Epoxy

48" x 40"
This photo Farr took while in her home town Columbia, Mo, staying in the bedroom she grew up in, over Christmas in 2006.

"In the midst of a tumultuous period marked by heavy personal reflection, I found this young woman in the mirror staring back at me. I didn't know then, but the universe was trying to remind me of something..."

Originally built with cardboard and bubble wrap, Stephanie used the packing materials she moved across the continent with. By concealing the eyes/face, two things occur visually: One, it helps to make the figure more anonymous and therefore more universal. Two, it insinuates the shift that was occurring for her as a human being; searching the intangible for a sign of where to go next.