The Original Image Stephanie Shooting the Image
2007, 2011

Price Upon Request

Enhanced Matt Pigment Prints, Vellum, Chalk Pastel, Marker, Found Objects, Acrylic, Epoxy

40" x 36"
Being quite prolific the three months Farr lived in the Big Apple, this is the fifth of the six pieces she built there.

This image she took, sitting across from her parents at a breakfast table. They'd gone to visit her in her new loft in downtown St. Louis in Jan. of 2007. Even though she had already decided to move.. again... On to Manhattan.

"We wandered around art galleries and shops in the Central West End of St. Louis all morning, but my parents' fears surrounding my current state of affairs were as heavy as the ice on the trees around us. And rightfully so, at this point, sudden dramatic changes were no new thing for me. I had gotten used to not knowing what was coming next."